Hi there! I’m KIKUZO, the webmaster of Sonic Channel.
February 2024 has been quite chilly, but I hope everyone is doing well! I’m here to bring you the energy to race through Ice Cap Zone at full speed!

Did you happen to check out the artwork for February’s calendar from our “Tell us, Creators!” series? We’ve seen an increase in submissions, making for some captivating reads! Be sure to take a look.

And for March, in the character poll to accompany Silver, we received an astounding 140,000 votes! Thank you to everyone who participated!

So, without further ado, the character who will accompany Silver in the March 2024 calendar is…

Sonic Man!
…Many of you might be wondering who that is, so let me explain a bit!

Sonic Man is a character who appears in the 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog, where he challenges Sonic and Silver to races.

Although his profile remains a mystery, Sonic Man’s eccentric appearance has a straightforward reason: he admires everyone’s hero, Sonic the Hedgehog!

When he runs, he faithfully mimics Sonic’s running style, with his hands behind him and his posture low. However, he’s not quite as fast as Sonic, but that’s just how it is. Sonic Man and Silver share a common theme of competition. However, in Sonic the Hedgehog, various events may have caused Silver and Sonic Man to forget their past competitions. Still, when these two meet again someday, will they challenge each other to another race?

So, here’s the illustration for this time!

Silver and Sonic Man are collecting eggs in a fancy manner!

At the tips of their competing hands are… eggs with patterns that seem familiar from somewhere!? Be sure to download and enjoy!

Calendar Illustration “Tell Us, Creators!” Submissions Open!

So, the theme for “Tell Us, Creators!” this time is this illustration.

Despite their childlike expressions, they seem to be going all out in an egg hunt… But why are they in such a situation?!

Creators, please submit what you think is happening in this calendar illustration!

Here’s an example I came up with:


“I turned Sonic and Silver into rabbits with my ‘Egg Easter’ egg-shaped bunny costume enforcement weapon!
…Who’s that guy!?”

…Now, everyone, please share with us your interpretation of “What’s happening in this situation?”

On Sonic Channel, we’ll be selecting a few of your creations to showcase! Among them, our staff’s favorite will receive Sonic merchandise as a prize, so creators, we hope you’ll participate eagerly!

We’re looking forward to your submissions!

Application Method

We will select adopted works from the replies received from everyone to the X post targeted for submissions for “Tell Us, Creators.”

Please reply to this post with the “situation” you envision, accompanied by the hashtag “#おしえてクリエイターズ” (Tell Us Creators). Selected posts will be published on the Sonic Channel page along with comments from the staff.

Application Period: Until March 3, 2024, 23:59.

If submitted via X (formerly Twitter) hashtags, the account name of the X contributor will be displayed.
※ Please keep the comments related to the artwork within the character limit of X, including the title and hashtags.
※ Winners will receive a follow-up message via X’s DM function with instructions for providing personal information for novelty item shipping.

Please be sure to review the “Sonic Channel Application Terms and Conditions.”

Source: Sonic Channel

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