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Hello, this is Toyoda.
It’s been gradually getting cooler these days. How are you all doing? Just recently, I went to Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park currently running a collaboration project with Sonic called “Sonic Square.”

Of course, I wanted to have fun, but since I’ve been involved in various aspects of this collaboration, I was eager to see it with my own eyes! Details about this collaboration project can be found on this page, so in this article, I’d like to share my personal highlights and recommendations.

Firstly, the entrance with this giant ring!
I don’t know how to put it, but it’s exceptionally well-made! It’s a slender ring, reminiscent of the one from the Sonic movie. When you pass through it, the sound of a ring plays, and it was heartwarming to see little kids passing through it repeatedly. I went through it too!

And, without a doubt, the highlight is the Green Hill photo spot! It’s of such high quality that any passersby would do a double take, and the craftsmanship of things like the springs is oddly excellent. After taking a photo, it might be fun to enjoy the details. If you place Sonic character plushies or figures here and take a picture, I think it would look fantastic, so if you’re planning to visit, please don’t forget!

I had a lot of fun!

This “mystery-solving game” is one that I also supervised, providing assistance with dialogue and planning. The setup is something like “Why are Sonic and his friends at Fuji-Q Highland?” “It’s because of Eggman!” It’s interesting, and they’ve used Vector to follow Sonic and the others, which was an idea from Fuji-Q Highland. I find it cool, and I’m quite pleased with it.

As for the mystery-solving game, since it involves going around the park quite a bit, don’t forget to bring drinks and take precautions against heatstroke! If you manage to solve it, you’ll get a ticket for a raffle where you can win Sonic goods, so let’s give it our best shot!

Regarding the collaboration food menu… Out of everything I’ve tried, my recommendation is these fries! The one with sausage on top is a bit pricey but quite satisfying. It’s delicious. I’m happy that the container has a Sonic Superstars version! For those aiming to get this, I think the S size is perfectly fine!

By the way, when you purchase Sonic’s collaboration food menu, you get a raffle ticket for each item, so be sure not to lose them.

Test your luck at the raffle corner near the entrance of Fuji-Q Highland! By clearing the “mystery-solving game” and purchasing items from the Sonic collaboration food menu, you receive “raffle tickets” that you can use for the lottery! The prizes include Sonic game software, rare Sonic goods, and more, so don’t miss out…!

With all these activities, the Sonic collaboration at Fuji-Q Highland’s “Sonic Square” offers quite a substantial Sonic experience. I hope everyone can enjoy it to the fullest over the course of a day!

Sonic and Fuji-Q Highland’s collaboration event “SONIC SQUARE” is scheduled to be held from September 27, 2023 (Wednesday) to October 15, 2023 (Sunday)! Sonic Team and Toyoda (Eitaro Toyoda) introduce the collaboration event.

After playing…

Well, as for the Fujiyama Onsen discount ticket, that’s the most special one for me!

This onsen, located next to Fuji-Q Highland, has excellent facilities, and with this ticket, you get a 300 yen discount on the bathing fee.

And, when you use this discount ticket and take a bath…

You get a receipt with “Sonic Weekday Adult” on it! Quite an amusing souvenir.

After enjoying a day with Sonic and friends at Fuji-Q Highland, it’s quite nice to relax in the onsen and wash away the fatigue. If you happen to win a discount ticket, be sure to give it a try.

Well then, let’s meet again in the next Sonic story.

Source: Sonic Channel

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