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In anticipation of Sonic’s birthday, the staff cafeteria at SEGA Headquarters is hosting a special celebration featuring a Sonic Frontiers themed menu. The mouthwatering dishes on offer will surely make you want to recreate them at home!

The menu includes the following delightful items:

  • “Sonic Chili Dog Happy Birthday Set” Complete with Sonic’s favorite (onion) rings.
  • Tails’ Workshop Special! Gochisou Carbonara” – Tails’ tails are creatively represented with pumpkin.
  • “Knuckles’ Mighty Fist Tomato Ramen” – A vibrant red soup with cheese toppings.
  • “Sage’s Curry Masterpiece Tandoori Chicken & Fried Chicken Combo” – The curry roux and paprika capture Sage’s black and red motifs.
  • “Amy’s Sunday Date” – A sweet and cute creation reflecting Amy’s color motifs.
  • “Ice Cap’s Melting Snow” – A refreshing beverage that helps beat the summer heat.

Be sure to check out the gallery below for more pictures of each mouthwatering menu item!

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Source: Sonic Channel on Twitter, Korean Sonic Channel on Instagram

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