Hey there! I’m KIKUZO, the webmaster of Sonic Channel.
We’re already in the latter half of January 2024! Just like Sonic, things are moving at quite a pace. Don’t get left behind, everyone!

So, did you check out the “Tell us, Creators!” January calendar artwork we released this week? It’s full of masterpieces, so it’s definitely worth a look! Be sure to check it out.

Also, there were over 6000 votes for the calendar character poll for February, where Amy will be featured! Thanks to everyone who participated!

So, here’s the character who will be appearing with Amy in February 2024!

Professor Pickle!?
…Unexpectedly, Professor Pickle! This is surprising!

Professor Pickle appears in “Sonic World Adventure” and is an important character who provides various advice to Sonic and Chip.

A university professor conducting research on ancient documents.
He possesses extensive knowledge about Dark Gaia, who awakened from within the shattered planet, and the Chaos Emeralds, and assists Sonic and his friends in their adventures.
Though he is a renowned scholar worldwide, he is a bit eccentric and marches to the beat of his own drum.
Despite the planet being shattered, he always remains calm and relaxed, lacking any sense of urgency.
His hobby is collecting specialty items and delicacies from around the world, and his favorite food is cucumber sandwiches.

From the “Sonic World Adventure” character introduction.

Professor Pickle has a strong obsession with sandwiches, insisting that the thickness of the bread must be exactly 5 millimeters, or else he’ll… Well, let’s just say he’s quite particular about it. But let’s talk about how Amy and Professor Pickle met.

Their encounter stemmed from Amy being rescued by Sonic. Curious about Sonic’s altered appearance, Amy pleaded to know more about his circumstances. In response, Professor Pickle, in his usual laid-back manner, suggested, “Would you mind discussing it over cucumber sandwiches?”

Given that Sonic had also helped him in the past, their common topic of conversation naturally gravitates toward Sonic! Despite the Dark Gaia incident, they remained good friends and would often meet up, which sounds like it could lead to some interesting discussions!

So, here’s the illustration for this month!

What on earth is going on here?!

We’ve got the stylish Amy alongside Professor Pickle, who seems to have adopted a punk or post-apocalyptic look.

It’s a calendar featuring Professor Pickle awakening to new fashion directions thanks to the fashion master, Amy. Be sure to download it and enjoy!

Calendar Illustration: Call for “Tell Us, Creators!” Submissions

So, the theme for “Tell Us, Creators!” this time is this illustration.

Once again… What’s the situation here?
Everyone, as “Situation Creators,” please submit what’s happening in this calendar illustration!

Here’s an example I, KIKUZO, came up with.


Professor Pickle seems to be forced to eat a terrible sandwich. It looks like he’s expressing his anger through the outfit chosen by Amy. “My anger level is at maximum cucumber!”

Alright, everyone, we want to hear from you! Tell us, what’s happening in this situation?

At Sonic Channel, we’ll be showcasing a selection of your creations! Among these, our staff will pick their favorites, and the chosen ones will receive Sonic merchandise as a reward! So, all you creators out there, we’re eagerly awaiting your submissions!

Don’t hold back—send them in!

How to Apply

For the “Tell us, Creators!” submissions, we will select entries from the replies received to X posts.

Please reply to this post with the situation you imagine, along with the hashtag “#おしえてクリエイターズ” (“TellusCreators”). Accepted entries will be featured on the Sonic Channel page with comments from the staff at a later date.

Application Period: Until February 4th, 2024, 23:59

If submitted via X (formerly Twitter) hashtag, the submitter’s X account name will be displayed.
*Please ensure that comments about the submission fit within the character limit of X, including the title and hashtag.
*Winners will receive a DM containing a form for providing personal information for sending novelties at a later date.

Please be sure to read the “Sonic Channel Application Terms and Conditions.”

Source: Sonic Channel

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