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Hello! I’m Tomoko Hayane, a designer from Sonic Team!

Starting this year, I’ll be introducing wallpaper illustrations around the middle of the month, so look forward to it!

Now, let me introduce the wallpaper for January.

The illustration for this year has a style like icons or marks, so it might have been a bit challenging to guess from the silhouette.

And now, the character featured in this wallpaper illustration is…

That’s right! Sonic’s partner and reliable mechanic…


It seems like he’s curious about the tail on top of his head.

Although he has an image of being reliable as Sonic’s partner, he still has an adorable, innocent charm!

Thinking about what he might be doing to end up like this sparks various imaginative scenarios, doesn’t it?

Actually, every month, while looking at the finished wallpaper illustration, my fellow designers and I share our thoughts and impressions…

Regarding this illustration, a colleague who loves Tails couldn’t help but be captivated by the tail perched on his head, saying it’s irresistibly cute! I completely agree with that sentiment. (laughs) Please feel free to share your thoughts on the illustration too!

On X (formerly Twitter), I would be delighted if you could post your impressions with the hashtag #ソニかつ.

Source: Sonic Channel

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