Bentley Jones, better known for his performance on Silver’s theme “Dreams of an Absolution,” teased today via his official Twitter account that he will be coming back to work on official Sonic the Hedgehog projects. Along with the teaser post, he posted a video of his new single which you can listen to below.

So precious, so mine… // Bx

Bentley Jones is also known for making official remixes and covers of many other Sonic the Hedgehog tracks, like “His World,” “Seven Rings in Hand,” and “Open Your Heart.” While this tease can be exciting for some, and we wouldn’t blame you if you thought this meant he’s back on board for new music in a new game, we’d advise hyping responsibly, as this announcement can mean a multitude of things, like new remixes/covers like the one shown above.

You can purchase the “Diamond in the Sky” Single on Bentley Jones’ official website, along with his other Sonic the Hedgehog singles.

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Source: Bentley Jones on Twitter

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