The Sonic Prime Shatterverse Experience took place last Saturday, January 28 and it had some activities to do revolving around the Netflix show. The event didn’t have many details surrounding it and that made people very curious about what it actually was, so… what happened? We’re here to tell you exactly that.

The event was around an AR booth where you could record yourself running and jumping across the shatterverse, the booth/AR camera itself being in the shape of the Paradox Prism from the show. To start you had to strike a pose with AR Sonic Prime Sonic and then run in place to race across each dimension. To change dimensions you had to jump. After this was over you got a video recording of yourself and the art poster drawn by Tyson Hesse!

Check out the videos and pictures from the event bellow!

And that was it! Just a little fun event to promote the show!

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  1. Jimmy Rajaniemi

    Glad I got to be a part of this

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