Mighty Mojo Toys have recently unveiled a lineup of Sonic-themed merchandise, showcasing beloved characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and more.

As a multigenerational brand, our partnership with Mighty Mojo Toys, whose games and toys provide fun for the whole family, will continue to bring Sonic’s exciting spirit into people’s lives in a fun and celebratory way.

Maida Chan
Licensing Specialist at SEGA of America

According to their announcement, they’re introducing Pouch Pals, character-themed plushies featuring removable pouches suitable for hot or cold relief after being placed in the microwave or freezer. Additionally, they’re releasing a party kit complete with disposable tableware, balloons, decorations, games, and cake accessories. The collection also includes a range of pool floats featuring Sonic characters.

We are thrilled to be working with Sega by featuring Sonic and his friends throughout our product lines, as one of the most recognisable brands of today, we can’t wait to bring these well-known characters to life in partnership with Sega.

Arash Moghaddam
President of Mighty Mojo Toys

As per the announcement, the Sonic pool floats are already available on Amazon and mightymojotoys.com.

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Source: Licencing.biz

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