The Classic Sonic-themed guitar by ESP, which was announced during this year’s Sonic Central event, is now available in Japan!

The guitar features a collage of classic Sonic art printed on it and comes with two types of exclusive picks with Sonic playing the guitar. It also includes a certificate of authenticity.

The official ESP product page states:

The collaboration guitars with SONIC THE HEDGEHOG were first released during SONIC’s 20th anniversary in 2011. Then, in 2016, during the 25th anniversary, a collaboration guitar featuring Sonic and Shadow prominently printed on the body top was released. These guitars quickly became very popular.

The SONIC guitar being released this time is a special edition featuring a collage art of Classic Sonic, including “Sonic playing the guitar,” which was specially created for this model.

The guitar itself has a simple design, featuring a classic alder body with a hard maple neck bolted on. The rosewood fingerboard features inlays inspired by the rings from the games, and there’s a “SONIC” nameplate on the 12th fret.

For hardware, it uses high-quality GOTOH parts. The pegs are locking MG-T style, and it has a hardtail bridge directly attached to the body. It’s equipped with a single ESP LH-200 pickup, and control is kept simple with just a volume knob.

It includes two exclusive picks (teardrop and triangle) featuring Sonic playing the guitar, as well as a certificate of authenticity. Please note that the image is for reference.

Guitar Specs:

NECKHard Maple 3P
FRETXJ, 24 Ftres
NUTBone (42mm)
BRIDGEGOTOH GTC101 w/String-thru-body
COLORClassic Sonic Collage Art Top / Black Satin Back

The guitar will be available for purchase starting on September 22nd, with a retail price of 198,000 yen (tax not included: 180,000 yen), which is approximately $1,335 USD including tax and $1,215 USD without tax. This limited-time offer will be available until May 31, 2025.

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Source: ESP Guitars JAPAN

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