The cel-shaded skins for Sonic Superstars have caused quite a stir lately, with Sonic fans in Europe and Oceania feeling like they’ve gotten the short end of the stick. The skins were first made available as a pre-order bonus in Japan through Amazon Japan, later being made available in the USA as a Kroger chain exclusive. Now it’s the UK’s turn to get a piece of that pie, as they are also offering the skins as a pre-order bonus on Amazon UK for all consoles except PC. The rest of Europe can also get them through here, but due to the UK not being part of the EU, be ready to pay some hefty fees for shipping!

Sonic Superstars Cel-Shaded Skins Now Available as Pre-Order Bonus on Amazon UK

There’s still no word on whether the rest of the world or the PC version of the game will have these skins available, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated. So be sure to subscribe to Sonic City for all the latest Sonic Superstars News and Updates!

Source: Amazon UK

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