Who’s that two-tailed little man trapped inside a soda can? It’s Tails! Poor guy. You can save him from a terrible sugar-watery grave* by pre-ordering the new Tails Funko SODA vinyl figure exclusive to GameStop!

So “what is a vinyl SODA Funko?” you may ask? It’s a line of collectible Funko figures that are packaged inside soda cans. Each SODA can includes a 4.25” vinyl figure and a collectible disc, indicating the variant and piece count. This one, in particular, contains a Tails figure within, with a 1 in 6 chance of getting a flocked chase variant.

There were only 14,500 of these figures made, so if you want to snag one, better act fast!

Check out the pictures and product description below!

Take your Sonic the Hedgehog™ collection to new heights with Funko SODA Tails™. Only 14,500 of these collectibles were made! There’s a 1 in 6 chance you may find the flocked chase of Tails™. Vinyl figure is approximately 4.05-inches tall. Find more Funko products at GameStop.

*Please note that Funko Vinyl Soda is not a beverage and does not contain any liquid.

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Source: GameStop

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