X-Shot, a brand renowned for producing a diverse range of toy blasters that shoot foam darts or water, has recently unveiled a fresh “Modern Sonic” skin for their “Last Stand” line of blasters. This blaster boasts a 14-dart capacity, the ability to hit multiple targets at distances of up to 27m/90 feet, and features “Slam Fire action”.

There’s a total of 6 Sonic skins available for collection, each with varying levels of rarity. Each skin is adorned with a variety of Sonic-themed artwork as decoration. Take a look at the pictures and read the product description below:

Skin your blaster with the super sonic speed of Sonic the Hedgehog! With a 14-dart capacity auto-rotating barrel you can hit multiple targets up to 27m / 90 feet away. Unleash 14 darts in seconds thanks to its Slam Fire action. The Last Stand comes with a tactical grip and rail for easy loading and allows you to add accessories to your blaster to level up. Hunt for all 6 Sonic the Hedgehog Skins and find the rare blasters, will you discover the X-Legendary Skin, with only a 1 in 1000 chance of being found. Choose different, choose X-Shot Skins.

You can get the X-Shot Last Stand Blaster – Modern Sonic Skin for $24.99 USD by clicking here.

Do you already own an X-Shot blaster? Are you planning on enhancing it with one of these skins? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to subscribe to Sonic City for more Sonic Merchandise News and Updates!

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