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Another year, another Sonic Central event! With lots of announcements and collaborations slated for the rest of the year and beyond, it may be hard to keep track of all of it, so we took it upon ourselves to write this handy article/guide to help you stay up to speed with everything that went down with this year’s event!

Sonic Superstars

A new take on classic Sonic gameplay, Sonic Superstars, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch systems, and PC later this year. Play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy in this brand new title that combines classic high-speed 2D Sonic platform action with a brand new look, new zones, and new powers and abilities. You can have fun with your friends in local four-player co-op or challenge them in local and online battle modes. In addition, Sonic and LEGO have teamed up for a brick-powered DLC that will soon allow fans to experience the blue blur in brick form with a free LEGO Sonic skin! Those who pre-order Sonic Superstars also get access to a special skin that transforms Eggman into LEGO Eggman.

Sonic Origins Plus

The blue blur returns in Sonic Origins Plus, available physically now! Sonic Origins Plus is a complete package of 16 games, including 12 Game Gear titles and – for the first time ever – Amy Rose as a playable character in Sonic The Hedgehog 1, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. Sonic Origins Plus also allows players to play as Knuckles in Sonic CD, with completely new level layouts tailored to his unique abilities. Those who already own Sonic Origins just need to buy the Plus Expansion Pack, which grants access to all the new content.

Sonic Frontiers – Sonic’s Birthday Bash Update

Just in time for Sonic’s birthday comes the Sonic’s Birthday Bash update, which includes new challenges, moves, new collectible Koko and free birthday decorations. The free update is available now and also delivers “New Game Plus” – a feature that allows the game to be restarted from the beginning, albeit with the skill tree and power-up levels being carried over.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator in Roblox

SEGA and Gamefam have announced a new event that unlocks Tuxedo Classic Sonic – the first-ever alternate skin for Classic Sonic for Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox. And it’s all available now!

Samba de Amigo

Among the 40 different tracks in the game will be popular songs from Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Forces. Samba de Amigo: Party Central will be released on August 29th for Nintendo Switch systems and later for Meta Quest.

Mobile Games

Those who enjoy Sonic Forces: Speed Battle and Sonic Dash can unlock Super Silver. Apart from that, Dragon Hunter Lancelot in Sonic Dash and Sonic Dash Plus also makes his appearance on Apple Arcade this July. Additionally, Classic Super Sonic will make an appearance in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Sonic Dash and Sonic Dash Plus on Apple Arcade later this year, and Sonic Prime Dash on Netflix.

Sonic and his friends can also be found on and off screen this summer (and beyond):


In July, a new season of the popular animated series Sonic Prime will start on Netflix. Additionally, Sonic Dash, SEGA’s original mobile endless runner Sonic the Hedgehog, will make its official Netflix debut as Sonic Prime Dash, launching concurrently with the new season of Sonic Prime.

Sonic Symphony

Beginning in September, fans can once again be enchanted by the magic of the unforgettable Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Symphony concert. The Sonic Symphony world tour officially kicks off in London later in the year, with more dates and stops to follow.

San Diego Comic-Con

Those who stop by the Sonic Pop-Up Restaurant Experience can enjoy SDCC in the spirit of the blue hedgehog, with Sonic-themed food, daily activities in the Sonic environment, and more!

But the fun doesn’t end there! Over the coming months, SEGA will be working with a number of partners to launch a colorful array of brand new Sonic-ified products, including:


Build, create, and play as Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Dr. Eggman in beloved levels, and have LEGO fun with Sonic’s Speed Sphere, the classic Green Hill Zone, the recently announced Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg robot, and more!

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic News and Updates!

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