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The Oosaki Headquarters of Sega and Sonic Team has recently undergone a big glowup. The official Japanese SEGA Twitter account shared images of their newly renovated conference rooms, which are now adorned with illustrations and decorations featuring Sonic and his friends.

The conference rooms have been dedicated to Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow. Each room is designed with dialogue lines and emblems that capture the essence of the respective characters.

Additionally, the office also features an executive room inspired by Dr. Eggman. While not a conference room, this space undoubtedly reflects the villain’s larger-than-life personality.

Check out the video tour bellow!

The walls of these vibrant rooms showcase dedicated artwork and emblems, providing an immersive environment for Sonic Team’s creative discussions and brainstorming sessions. The conference room plates displayed in front of each room proudly showcase the names of the characters, accompanied by silhouettes designed in their respective image colors.

The renovated offices at Sega’s Oosaki Headquarters are undeniably a dream workspace for any Sonic fan. The attention to detail and the incorporation of iconic elements from the franchise make these conference rooms a truly unique and inspiring environment.

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Source: SEGA of Japan on Twitter

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