In an interview with VentureBeat, Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka shed light on the decision to reintroduce Fang the Sniper (Nack the Weasel) in Sonic Superstars, marking his return to a more prominent role after his cameo appearance in Sonic Mania.

Iizuka explained that the positive response received when Mighty and Ray were added as playable characters in Sonic Mania Plus influenced the team’s thinking for Sonic Superstars. The team wanted to bring back classic characters and generate excitement among fans. They also aimed to reintroduce characters who may not be as well-known, similar to how Mighty and Ray were received.

Fang the Sniper, being a character who hasn’t been prominently featured for many decades, was chosen as the character to be brought back. Although Fang is aligned with Eggman, he will be making his return in Sonic Superstars.

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Source: VentureBeat

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