Sonic Origins Plus, the heavily rumored expansion to last year’s classic Sonic game compilation has been announced today and it will include a playable Knuckles in Sonic CD and for the first time in a classic games, Amy Rose! The expansion also comes with 12 emulated GameGear games and extra challenges and can either be bought separately if you already have the base version of Sonic Origin for $9.99USD or together with the base game for $39.99USD. The physical release also comes with a 20 Page artbook and will release simultaneously on June 23rd, 2023.

Check out the announcement trailer bellow

The Blue Blur is back with the definitive and expanded multi-game collection of classic Sonic the Hedgehog games – Sonic Origins Plus! Available digitally and in-stores June 23, 2023. Pre-Order the premium physical edition today! Sonic Origins Plus will be available as an all-in-one bundle that includes the Sonic Origins base game and the Plus Expansion Pack, featuring 12 Sonic Game Gear titles, playable Knuckles in Sonic CD, and for the first time ever: Amy Rose as a playable character in Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD! This pack also includes previously released add-on content: Extreme Missions, Mirror Mode, new character animations, and additional backgrounds and music. The premium physical edition will also include a 20-page artbook and a reversible coversheet that pays homage to the classic 1990s era of Sonic.

SEGA also released some screenshots which you can check out bellow:

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