If Japan is the land of the rising sun, the British Empire is the land where the sun never sets and the Arctic Circle is the land of the midnight sun; where does the sun go? Apparently it curls up into the fetal position and nervously rocks back and forth over Japan, or so says economic reports. What on Earth does this have to do with anything? Nothing, I just like messing with you.

Speaking of Japan, awesome segue I know, it looks like someone with a Miku Hatsune and a Ren Kagamine Vocaloid decided to synthesize Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone. Now that I pretty much lost a good majority of you, I will explain who’s who. You can also turn the text off by clicking the speech bubble on the player.

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application that the Yamaha Corporation developed, so you can produce singing through the use of lyrics and melody. Each application that is released is also given a persona to make them more appealing and easier to sell to their demographic market. So what’s the big deal? Well in 2004, a few weeks after the first application (Miku Hatsune) was released, fan videos of her singing started appearing on video hosting sites. Just like with any viral video, it had mass appeal and she eventually became a virtual idol (in Japan). Don’t believe me? Well, let’s say she’s held a couple of “live” concerts and they were both packed with fans.

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