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The newly released Sonic Texture Pack, developed by Gamemode One, is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace, allowing players to transform their Overworld into a blocky Sonic landscape.

See the world through the eyes of Sonic, your favorite blue hedgehog! This complete texture pack, inspired by iconic zones like Green Hill and Labyrinth, transforms your entire world into a unique but familiar landscape! Just beware the hostile mobs — they’ve gotten a Badnik new look!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Sonic the Hedgehog with this epic texture pack. Experience iconic Zones like Green Hill and Labyrinth as you explore an Overworld that has been reimagined to reflect the Sonic games. Delve into familiar Sonic gamescapes with a twist, mine for Master Emerald shards, replenish your hearts with Chao fruit, and craft a mighty Excalibur sword as you navigate through this re-skinned Minecraft adventure!

It was a lot of fun to adapt the most iconic Eggman Badniks and Sonic creatures while still preserving the Minecraft experience. It was quite a challenging undertaking but it resulted in the best of both games shining through! It was also fun to interpret Sonic Zones as Minecraft biomes. Seeing the world as a diverse, interconnected set of Sonic Zones is very exciting!


Gamemode One, the creators of the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC, have once again worked their magic to bring the Sonic experience to Minecraft. This texture pack allows players to enjoy the Sonic-themed gameplay in both Survival and Creative modes, enabling them to mine, survive, and build in a Sonic-inspired environment. With custom animations, nostalgic callbacks, and unique changes to the inventory system, the Sonic Texture Pack immerses players in an Overworld filled with iconic enemy mobs.

Discovering all the hidden references and lovingly crafted details in this pack will truly immerse you in the Sonic universe while maintaining the core mechanics of Minecraft. Uncover secrets, embark on Sonic quests, and encounter reimagined Badniks as you dive deeper into this crossover.

I wouldn’t say that there’s anything deliberately hidden in the pack, but I am super excited for you to discover all of the Sonic references and new ideas that have been lovingly crafted. Players should feel deeply immersed in the Sonic universe while still being grounded in the roots of Minecraft and its mechanics. With this pack, you can turn any Minecraft adventure into a Sonic quest!


While the specifics remain a secret, Scott hinted at a certain “eggy individual” making an appearance. Embark on your journey to uncover the surprises and enjoy the adventure!

Download the Sonic Texture Pack from the Minecraft Marketplace today and embrace the fusion of Sonic and Minecraft. Don’t forget to claim your free Character Creator item along the way!

Source: Minecraft.net

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