Pornhub has recently published on their yearly report of most searched terms on their website, all of which were divided by specific categories such as Movie, Parodies, Characters and of course, Video Games.

In the most searched Movies & Characters category Sonic was the 6th most searched term along following Wonder Woman, Black Widow, 365 Days, Star Wars and Harley Quinn.

You would think that with Sonic being a primarily video game franchise that he would end up being in the Video Game category, but surprisingly, the franchise is nowhere to be seen in Pornhub’s report. Seems like the Sonic movies have more reach than we thought… for better or for worse.

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Source: Pornhub Insights

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  1. Tuk

    Sonic fans are getting really desperate for recognition xD

    (but this article really goes to show how this site impressively hosts every bit of Sonic news and information, so… Well done!)

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