Yesterday at the 2024 Anime Expo, SEGA held a panel where the prologue animation for the upcoming Sonic x Shadow Generations, produced by Studio Giggex, was previewed!

Check it out below!

While the audio quality may not be the best, making some lines hard to hear, we can probably expect a proper release through the official Sonic the Hedgehog social media channels soon!

The audience was left in awe after watching a minute of animation, with directors Alan Wan, Christopher Luc, and Kevin Molina on stage. They explained that this project was unique as SEGA requested something edgier, a departure from past iterations, blending anime and Western animation styles. The team, who had previously worked on Rise of the TMNT, felt confident in their ability to create anime. They received a script from Ian Flynn and were thrilled to explore a darker, more intimate story about Shadow’s past. However, they needed a production partner, which they found in Studio Simage, led by Matthew Chow, to execute their vision. The collaboration between the two studios allowed them to bring the speed, emotions, and abilities seen in the games to life in animation.

The creators discussed their approach to bringing the emotional depth of the character Shadow to life in the anime adaptation. They paid close attention to the mood and feel of the shots, revealing a more personal side of Shadow through moody visuals and intricate details. Questions like how the air moves when Shadow exits a room quickly and what his boots sound like helped structure the design of his cinematic representation. The team also focused on the quiet moments, careful placement of the camera, and subtle acting to convey a more mature feel and deepen the bond between Shadow and Maria. The goal was to show off a nuanced character with multiple layers, giving audiences a better understanding of Shadow’s past and emotions. The creators were excited about the prospect of exploring the deeper lore in the episodes and admitted to fanboying during the pre-production process as they delved deeper into Shadow’s story.

The team then discussed their inspiration for the visual storytelling in the new iteration of Shadow. They drew inspiration from Evangelion’s use of unconventional cropping and symbolic use of footage. The team is excited about exploring the more psychologically complex version of Shadow, even if it means portraying familiar moments in a new way.

Audience members also received an exclusive poster for attending the panel. Check it out below!

Sonic x Shadow Generations: Dark Beginnings will have three episodes in total and is expected to release this Fall!

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