In its most recent financial results Q&A session, SEGA addressed the sales performance of Sonic Superstars.

While acknowledging the strong reception from fans, the company admitted that the game “fell short of the initial forecast.” SEGA partly attributes this to the stiff competition from other titles “in the same genre.” Although no specific games were mentioned, it’s worth noting that Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Sonic Superstars were released within a few days of each other.

Regarding the sales of Sonic Superstars, SEGA stated:

Although Sonic Superstars has generally been well received by those who have played it, the timing of the launch coincided with competing titles in the same genre, and it has been short of the initial forecast. The strategic expansion of Sonic IP is progressing well, and we will continue to work to increase repeat sales of this title.

Sonic Superstars made its debut on October 17, 2023, with Super Mario Bros. Wonder following shortly after on October 20.

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Source: Sega Financial Results Q&A

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