The LEGO Group and Sonic the Hedgehog have been on a roll recently, with the Sonic brand getting various LEGO sets released this year and the games themselves also getting LEGO collaboration DLC. It seems SEGA and LEGO have no intention of stopping the brick momentum any time soon. A tweet from the LEGO Group’s Twitter account has teased the upcoming Rouge, Knuckles, and Shadow the Hedgehog figures that were leaked a couple of months ago.

Not much beyond the video above has been officially announced. However, according to the leaks we previously reported, there will be two different sets: “Shadow’s Lab Escape,” which will contain 196 pieces and retail for $20.99 USD. It includes a Shadow the Hedgehog mini-figure, a small lab, RhinoBot builds, and Clucky. The other set, “Knuckles’ Mech Battle,” consists of 276 pieces and retails for $34.99 USD. This set includes new Knuckles and Rouge mini-figures and can apparently be assembled into a mech for Knuckles and a glider for Rouge.

The leaked release date points to January 1st, but it’s still uncertain if this is set in stone or just a placeholder date.

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