SEGA has released a new video featuring players who had the opportunity to play Sonic Superstars at GamesCom 2023, sharing their thoughts and reactions. The players expressed extreme excitement and positivity about Sonic Superstars, commending the game’s seamless integration of 2D and 3D elements, visually stunning graphics, and well-crafted level design. They lauded the fast-paced and challenging gameplay that still maintains a nostalgic feel. Amy’s adorable design and enjoyable gameplay mechanics were also highlighted with praise. In general, players conveyed their anticipation and eagerness to play the game, with plans for multiple playthroughs using different characters.

Check out the video below!

Check out what players had to say about Sonic Superstars! 😮🙌 We caught up with some lucky gamers at #gamescom2023 who got a chance to play it first.

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