In a recent interview with, Takashi Iizuka shared an intriguing detail about Sonic Superstars. According to Iizuka, the game will feature distinct variations based on the character chosen, including unique situations and even different endings. He mentioned that specific protagonists will encounter situations exclusive to them, providing a diverse gameplay experience. The development team aims to encourage players to replay the game multiple times, exploring the full breadth of possibilities.

(…)based on the character you choose, there will be variations. You will encounter situations that only a specific protagonist can experience, and even the ending of the adventure will change depending on who you impersonate. In this way, the team hopes that users will be enticed to replay the experience over and over again, aiming for as much diversity as possible.

Takashi Iizuka

This information aligns with a leaked debug level select discovered during a stream by Easy Allies, which showcased a stage specifically meant for Amy. Additionally, GamesCage on Twitter shared an exclusive animation featuring Amy.

With each character offering their own gameplay dynamics and story elements, the prospect of replaying Sonic Superstars becomes even more enticing. Stay tuned to Sonic City for further Sonic Superstars news and updates!

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