In an interview with TechRadar, Takashi Iizuka explains that Sonic maintains its pro-environment stance. Since the franchise’s inception, Sonic has consistently opposed Eggman’s environmental destruction and the roboticization of animal companions for over three decades. This enduring message and theme continue to resonate strongly in Sonic Superstars. Iizuka-san hints that the game’s storyline is also rooted in this theme.

Sonic has always loved nature, and he’s always fought against Eggman destroying that nature and putting animals inside of robots. So Sonic was always there to free the animals and really love the environment that he was in, and a lot of fighting that he was doing was against the people who are destroying the nature that he was a part of.

In Sonic Superstars there’s still this love of nature, and there’s still this want to make things better for the world. We don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a story base to it, and that message I think will still be conveyed to people when they play. 

Takashi Iizuka

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Source: Techradar

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