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Hello everyone!

I am Hayane Tomoko, a designer at Sonic Team.

The hot days are continuing, aren’t they? This year, many events are being held in various places, so many of you may have more plans to go out.

If you are with your good friends, you can enjoy going out and blowing off the heat, can’t you?

Now, the two characters appearing in this wallpaper illustration are, in a sense, the best of friends! A pair of a hard worker with cute big ears and a little mischievous boy! (?)

Indeed, the August wallpaper illustration features…

Cream & Cheese!

Cream is usually in the position of a cute little sister for Sonic and his friends, but in the illustration, she has a brave expression like that of a big sister, perhaps because she is facing a strong enemy! The Chao Cheese also looks dependable as he flies toward his enemy, and no matter how strong they are, he is sure to take them out in no time. 

Since their first appearance in Sonic Advance 2, Cream & Cheese have had many adventures together in a breathtaking combination. This exquisite partnership of like minds is like that of close siblings!

These are the type of characters Cream & Cheese are, but recently they’ve been having terrific exploits in the American comic Sonic the Hedgehog! Especially in the 5th volume of the comic, they were surrounded by terrifying zombie-like enemies, but they did a great job fighting their way through to the end! I would like everyone to see their activities in the comic. You can’t help but root for these two gallant individuals, can you?!

Please look forward to seeing more exploits of Cream & Cheese, the good friends who are always together!

See you again in next month’s wallpaper illustration!

Source: Sonic Channel

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