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Leave pest control to us! The Insect Extermination Trio!

Every month, two characters make a surprising appearance in unique outfits and situations! With illustrations that spark your imagination, let’s enjoy a fun wordplay game together!

This time, it’s the unexpected fusion of Orbot & Cubot with Gemerl! They’ve combined into a colossal super robot filled with the essence of male romance! It seems like they’re pulling off an unbelievable special move, but what could it be…?

What kind of dialogue or narration would you imagine for them? You can either capture the atmosphere and world of the game or take a bold approach and create your own dramatic scenario! In the example, it’s styled like a commercial where they blow away not only bugs but everything else too… But feel free to come up with your own creative and humorous ideas for the wordplay!

Please have fun and share your responses on Twitter using the hashtag “#異世界大喜利” (TL: Otherworldly Wordplay). If we find some great ones, we may feature them in a reply from the official Sonic Twitter account.

We look forward to your enjoyable wordplay submissions!

Act 7: Steelheart Fusion – Gran Botkaiser

In the outskirts of Casino Park, at a certain harbor base…

The tranquility was shattered as three colossal steel figures flew in with thunderous roars… As they merged with a deafening collision in the void, they were enveloped in a dazzling sphere of light.

And in the next instant…!

“Steelheart Fusion! Gran Botkaiser!”

There stood an invincible 400-meter-tall steel giant, towering with determination, its back facing the harbor and the city.

“As expected, we’ve detected an extremely high energy reaction!… It’s an unprecedented level of strength!”

The one who reported this with a tense expression was the right body part of the steel giant, the “Scarlet Steel” Orbot, responsible for attacks.

“Don’t worry. The citizens have already been evacuated, so let’s clean up as usual.”

Nonchalantly responding was the left body part, the “Yellow Steel” Cubot, responsible for defense.

“Understood. G (Gran) Botkaiser, initiate combat mode!”

Announcing the start of the operation above the heads of the two, was the head-chest part, the “Black Steel” Gemerl, holding full control authority.

And as if in synch with the completion of the three’s preparations, the console monitor in Gemerl’s control displayed the massive figure emerging gradually from the sea, accompanied by an alert sound.

It was a gigantic robot with a matte white bronze body and equipped with steel spikes… The enemy.

To an outsider, he may seem detached… but determined, Gemerl calmly announced to the teammates:

“All armaments fully deployed. Commence combat.”

The attack of the enemy on this harbor base, which appeared out of nowhere, had just begun recently.

Scarlet Steel Orbot, the hot-headed attacker, nervously reported, “Confirmed an ultra-high energy reaction!… It’s an unprecedented level of strength!”

“Don’t worry. The citizens have already been evacuated, so let’s clean up as usual,” nonchalantly replied Yellow Steel Cubot, the easygoing defender.

“Assessing the situation. G (Gran) Botkaiser, activate combat mode!” declared Black Steel Gemerl, the head-chest part with full control authority, initiating the operation above the heads of the two.

As if in response to the readiness of the three, the console monitor in Gemerl displayed the colossal figure emerging gradually from underwater, accompanied by an alert sound.

The white bronze body with menacing glowing single eye and the steel spike blades on its back reminded one of a certain creature. Once within range, the enemy lowered its posture with a dark mechanical sound…

“We’re about the same size… With spikes, it’s like a Mech-Hedgehog…,”

<< BOOM! >>

The impact shattered the lighthearted banter of Cubot as the charging attack of the enemy grazed them, causing a part of their shoulder armor to be blown away.

“Ouch! What was that just now!?”
“Just a graze!? Was it those blades…!”

The strength displayed was on a whole different level. While the two were taken aback, the terrifying pursuit of the rotating enemy closed in on G Botkaiser.

“…Activate impact-resistant defense, ‘Cu-Shield’!”
“Alright! Leave it to me!”

<< ZDOOOON! >>

The moment the shield made contact, an unexpected explosion blew them away, and the enemy stumbled, its massive body falling to the ground with sparks erupting from various places.

Cubot’s “Explosion Reaction Shield”, which caused the surface of the shield to explode, effectively neutralized and counterattacked the force. A successful counter, or so one would like to think…

“What was that explosion!? Gemerl, you’re terrible! My face turned into popcorn!”
“Just got caught in the explosion!? Was it that blade…!”

Cubot, with its face embedded in the shield during the explosion, protested vehemently, in a sorry state. Bringing the ultimate armament and prototype into the battle seemed to have backfired, but there was no turning back now…

Ignoring the protest, Gemerl attempted to launch a counter-attack on the still incapacitated enemy.

“Initiate piercing EMP weapon, ‘Or-Drill,’ at maximum power!”
“Understood! I’ll avenge Cubot!”

<< GYUIIII! >>

Accompanied by the ultra-hard drill, a spiral lightning strike that burnt out the electronic circuits was unleashed upon the enemy.


While the drill was prevented from reaching the enemy’s hand, sparks ran through its arm joints, and smoke billowed from various places. The electromagnetic pulse attack was definitely effective.

They could push through this!

…Or so they thought, but gradually, the rotation of the drill weakened until it came to a complete stop. Orbot’s face, located at the base of the drill, protested weakly as if out of breath.

“Electromagnetic pulses also affect me… And my head is spinning… Gemerl, you’re heartless”

At this point, with the self-inflicted damage and internal discord… G Botkaiser missed a valuable opportunity to attack.

The enemy turned the tables and began its counter-attack, curling its body and rotating at high speed…! As the body transformed into a ball shape, the reversed blades emitted a dull light, and in the next moment, it launched an assault that combined offense and defense.

The only remaining armament was Gemerl’s chest cannon, “G End,” and its ultimate technique, “Ultimate Trinity,” but pressing the firing button yielded no response…!

As expected, Gemerl shook its head.

This armament was equipped with a safety mechanism that required “the three minds to be united to fire.” However, they had never been able to fire it before.

Dodging the enemy’s attacks was now impossible… Gemerl tried to take them on along with Orbot and Cubot, but they were already at their limits, suffering serious damage.

“…Emergency measure. Initiate deflection with chest armor!”

Gemerl extended its thickest armor, trying to deflect the blows by adjusting the angles…


The impact wasn’t completely deflected, causing severe damage that nearly penetrated the armor…! Blown away and brought down to the ground, sparks ran through various parts of the fallen giant.

On Gemerl’s console monitor, red pop-ups indicating damage locations appeared alongside the sight of the enemy preparing for its next attack.

“…We could have been protected yourself by disposing of us,”
“But you protected us…”

Seeing Gemerl, who was more damaged than anyone else, Orbot and Cubot couldn’t help but shed oil from their eyes.

“…We need to unite our strength! Let’s defeat it together as three!”

Eyes shining, the two showed their determination. Whether it was due to their uprising emotions being transmitted or not, Gemerl, who was on the verge of being downed, regained a glimmer of light in its eyes and tried to rise, lifting up the fallen body of G Botkaiser.

And at that moment…

Gemerl’s eyes caught sight of an ice cream shop sign on a tenant in a nearby building.


…Cream. That word alone, for some reason…

Even though Gemerl didn’t know what it referred to, just uttering the word seemed to inexplicably infuse it with strength. There was something precious to protect behind it… something important.

Protect Cream. Even if it meant this body would perish. Filled with this mysterious yet resolute determination, G Botkaiser rose up gallantly.

Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot also had their eyes fixed on something written on the base wall of the facility.

A distinctive mark depicting a mustachioed man with an egg-shaped head.

…They must protect this base. It was an absolute order from the “boss”… That mark revived in their memories the terrible mission they were assigned.

If they failed to protect it, they would have no future…!

“For Cream!”
“I can’t remember it well, but everything is for the boss!”
“So that we won’t be scolded by the boss~!”

There was something they wanted to protect.

As their fragmented feelings merged into one, G Botkaiser was enveloped in a dazzling light. The light converged in the chest’s “G End.”

“This reaction…? The Aegis circuit that never responded before!”

“Amazing! We might be able to use that now!”

The shining “G” on the console monitor. Gemerl silently nodded… The three hearts had become one.

“Ultimate… Trinity!!”

<< KA! >>

Enabled by the latest technology, the ultimate discharge weapon unleashed its devastating plasma, reducing everything to ashes in an instant and roaring with blinding light.

And what pierced through the center of the enemy became an even more powerful and expansive roar, splitting the sea in front and gouging through mountains… eventually grazing the moon in the sky, slightly altering its silhouette.

A few seconds after the roar subsided… The enemy, completely blown apart, exploded with a dying thunderous sound on the sea, scattering high into the stratosphere.


The seawater lifted up to the stratosphere froze, reflecting light and creating a massive rainbow tombstone that illuminated the surrounding area for several kilometers before dispersing.

… A complete victory.

The enemy vanished without a trace, leaving only the smoke-filled and victorious G Botkaiser standing there as a monument.

“Severe damage due to the recoil from using G End detected.”

The three of them were now unable to move, let alone disengage from their combined form. Gemerl calmly relayed the message to Orbot and Cubot.

“Well, we defeated it, so it’s all good, right?”
“That’s not good at all! We’ve caused a lot of destruction… What do we do now, Gemerl?”

After a long silence, Gemerl, though seemingly detached, conveyed their next course of action with kindness.

“Let’s go to the oil bar.”

…After a moment of silence, and then an “Oh yeah!,” they completely forgot that they couldn’t move, and the two, and the three, burst into laughter from the bottom of their hearts.

Their hearts were filled with a sense of accomplishment for protecting something precious and a pride in themselves. They had truly become one in this moment.

After the battle…

“Wow! Hey, hey, did you see that just now!?”

After the scattered explosion of the enemy…

On a small hill not far away, Sonic and Tails were standing at the remnants of the battlefield. Tails was filled with excitement, while Sonic watched with a slightly amused smile.

“Tails… Your love for mechs hasn’t changed, huh?”

Tails blushed at the remark but quickly switched to a serious expression, starting his analysis, his specialty. “During the ‘incident,’ while we were fighting against Eggman’s army, this place was undoubtedly Eggman’s base. And at that time, Gemerl along with the Orbot and Cubot should have been enemies. The fact that it turned out like this means…”

“In my opinion… Eggman himself might not be able to control this anomaly,” Tails interrupted, thinking deeply.

“In Eggman’s plan, he probably intended to create a world that would be more convenient for himself. But what we see here is completely different, right?”
“Yeah, I can’t understand why Eggman’s lackies, are getting along with Gemerl,” Sonic agreed with Tails’ observation.

“Yes. But that’s not all. Shadow and the others’ live performance, Amy and Blaze’s fortune-telling and magic, even my appearance… These changes are happening everywhere, things that Eggman would have never considered. And yet, the fundamental relationships are still intact.”
“… So, what does it all mean, Tails?”

After Tails summarized their observations in one breath, Sonic asked for clarification.

“I can’t explain it properly, but… it’s like the ‘interpretation’ of the world is being overwritten by someone other than Eggman… You know?”
“‘Interpretation’!? How? By who?”

“I don’t know… But if it’s not the case, we can’t explain why these anomalies with chaotic concepts are happening all over the world…”

While Tails realized how far-fetched his theory sounded, he blushed and lowered his gaze.

“S-Sorry, I guess I’m saying something weird…”

Realizing that he couldn’t provide a solid analysis, Tails slumped his shoulders. But Sonic grabbed his shoulders tightly and said:

“What are you talking about, Tails! We’re getting closer to the answers, aren’t we?”
“The ‘interpretation overwrite theory’ sounds good! Even if we don’t understand it right now, if we keep investigating the anomalies and what’s behind them, we’ll eventually see the person responsible, right? We’re moving one step forward!”

Despite the difficulty of expressing it, Sonic’s words brought warmth and confidence back to Tails’ heart.

“Yeah… You’re right! Thanks, Sonic!”

With that, Sonic started running, and Tails followed with a smile. Taking one step forward, the two of them firmly put their feet down, moving towards a future two or three steps ahead.

Source: Sonic Channel

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