The Nintendo Switch version of Sonic’s latest adventure, Sonic Frontiers, is available for free download on the Japanese Nintendo eShop today, December 15!
The demo version allows you to play the first part of the game (about 15 minutes).

If you haven’t played the game yet or are maybe on the fence about buying it, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to run around the Open Zone at supersonic speed!

To celebrate this occasion, the Japanese Sonic Twitter account, is hosting a photo competition wherein contestants have to submit images/screenshots from any version of the game. The three winners will receive a “Special Goods Set” which includes an Original Sonic Parker, a Koko Planter and a bag of Chaos Emerald shaped rock candy!

The deadline for the contest is set for December 23rd, to enter, you must follow the @SonicOfficialJP account on Twitter and upload images related to Sonic Frontiers with the hashtag #やろうぜソニックフロンティア. Screenshots and videos of the game can be from any version of the game currently on sale. If there are other people in the photo or video, the account asks to please cooperate by blurring etc. so as to respect their privacy.

Stay tuned for more Sonic Frontiers News and Updates!

Source: @SonicOfficialJP

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