Sonic Prime releases tomorrow December 15th, a lot of people have already watched the first episode on Roblox and a lot of media outlets have been sharing their impressions of the show’s 24 episodes. We will keep this post up-to-date with all the scores from highest to lowest along with a brief summary and a link to the original reviews as they come out, so if you want to read/watch a specific publication’s review, let us know in the comments or stay tuned for an update!

  • Rama’s Screen 4.5/5
  • IGN 8/10: Sonic Prime is a fun and overall entertaining, family-friendly show. Sitting tonally between the 1992 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and 93’ Sonic the Hedgehog, it offers an exciting look at the past while presenting some new ideas.
  • Justin Watches Movies B-
  • The Gamer 3/5: Sonic Prime offers a few laughs, a great new Sonic voice, but not much else.
  • Mama’s Geeky 3/5: A fast paced and wild ride that offers fans new versions of their favorite characters that are thrown into the multiverse. Gorgeous animation with tons of Easter Eggs for those who love the franchise!
  • common sense media 3/5: Fans of the perky blue critter will be thrilled that this series offers an abundance of Sonic’s frenzied energy. For those new to the franchise, Sonic Prime might be a lot. The jumps between worlds can be a little confusing, but Sonic’s unwavering commitment to his friends anchors the show and sends a solid message to kid viewers.
  • Future of the Force 3/5: Sonic Prime is an action-packed and entertaining new adventure for our favorite hedgehog.
  • Collider Rating: C: In the long history of this character, Sonic Prime will not be a work that stands out as it speeds by on its trip to nowhere.
  • A Cine Tv: Netflix’s Sonic Prime season one moves just about as quickly as the blue blur himself. It is high stakes, high octane action, and absolutely filled with Easter Eggs from the popular franchise. Longtime Sonic fans are sure to be thrilled with what they get out of the series, even with the abrupt ending.
  • Cartoon Universe
  • Tyler Calvert

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