Sonic Frontiers has been present in this year’s EGX, where it’s been getting a fair bit of attention, the game has full lines that start forming as soon as the demo stand opens, so it’s fair to say that people are eager to get a 15 minute taste of our little blue blur’s latest outing. One user over on Twitter, acrolvm was especially eager to try out the game, so much so that he managed to get to the first Super Sonic boss fight that’s been teased in the TGS trailer and somehow got footage of the the entire opening cutscene.

In it, we see Doctor Eggman attempting to what seems to be, harnessing the power of the Cyber Space portals, before he gets sucked into Cyber Space himself. Meanwhile Sonic, Tails and Amy heading for the newly discovered Starfall Islands in the Tornado, get sucked into a wormhole that suddenly appears in the sky.

If you don’t mind getting somewhat spoiled, you can watch the opening cutscene, with no audio for yourself bellow! We’ve also included some screenshots that you can check out as well.

Opening Cutscene
Super Sonic vs Titan

Source: acrolvm

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