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Earlier this month, resin and PVC statue making company, First4Figures, held a poll for a new statue design featuring Knuckles the Echidna and the Master Emerald with 4 different poses each identified with letters A through D. The winning design from this poll would be used in the next statue produced by the company.

The poll winner was pose D, however, the team behind the statues production seems to have hit a bit of a snag stating that the proportions don’t exactly look right when the structure of the statue is put into practice.

Sonic Fans – we need to have all hands on deck – this is not a drill! We have a Knuckles problem! Pose D won, but testing it out (super loose with no attention to detail or form) – just doesn’t work given Knux’s head. We’re testing it, but it seems no way he can hold it like D. You can see huge collisions with his head. The best alternative is the second image – but the Master Emerald becomes super small and the holding arm holding it looks weird. I guess we go back to the concept board – what do you guys think?

First 4 Figures

If you are interested at all in this statue, the company is looking for feedback on their official twitter account.

You can also register your interest in the statue by signing up for future updates here

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