In a livestream by film critic John Campea, it has been almost confirmed that Keanu Reeves will indeed voice Shadow the Hedgehog, rather than the long-rumored Hayden Christensen.

While John advises taking this information with a grain of salt, he claims that the role was confirmed to him and other media outlets as ‘100% locked, 100% true’ at CinemaCon last week. Media outlets like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline are expected to make the official announcement soon, as they were asked not to report on it until a week after CinemaCon ended.

EDIT: It has now been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter that Keanu Reeves will indeed voice Shadow the Hedgehog!

Check out the clip from the livestream below!

You can count on us to bring you confirmation when official word comes out soon! Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Movie 3 News and Updates!

Source: The John Campea Show, The Hollywood Reporter

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