February’s Sonic Pict has been released by Sonic Channel, and this time it features Cream, Cheese, and the long-time-unseen Chocola, in Music Plant from Sonic Advance 2, Cream and Cheese’s debut game! In this month’s illustration, we can see Cream holding on to a gift to be given to a loved one while Cheese and Chocola look around, presumably for that person.

Check out the full illustration and translated caption below!

“Ah! We’re here…!” 😊
The enchanting scenery of the popular spot Music Plant is bustling once again this year with people holding gifts for their loved ones.
It’s a gentle twilight moment 🌆

Cream, holding onto a special box tightly, eagerly awaits that person.
⭐ May everyone have wonderful gifts too! 🎵


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Source: Sonic Channel on Twitter

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