July’s Sonic Pict by Sonic Channel showcases Eggman in a familiar icy locale, engaging in some ice fishing with one of his mechs. That’s one way to beat the summer heat!

Check out the new illustration and the post translation below!

Ah, I bet everyone around the world’s been working hard every day in the heat of summer. ☀️

As for me, I’m enjoying a test run of the new mecha and some masterful fishing on the breathtaking ice.
The mecha is working great, and the fishing is a blast! I can’t get enough of it. 🎣

I’ll send you some more pictures, look forward to seeing them.
Hoohoho. 😂

Eitaro Toyoda, one of the Sonic Team staff members who work on these illustrations, also chimed in with some comments.

Some people might be confused if this is Ice Cap or Holoska… the trees and the mecha in the background are a clue. 🙂

Also, this is just for fun, but it would be interesting if Pecky had been stealing fish like this all the time, so he makes improvements to freeze them as soon as they’re caught, which is how he started to spurn Sonic… 🙂

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Source: Sonic Channel on X

Translation: Windii

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