Hello, everyone! I’m KIKUZO, the webmaster of Sonic Channel.
Huh? Who’s that?… If you’re wondering, check out Toyoda-san’s column, “New Calendar Illustration Project ‘Tell Us, Creators!'”.

To put it simply, I’ve been managing and operating Sonic Channel for quite some time. I haven’t been in the spotlight before, but from now on, I’ll be introducing various things on Sonic Channel like this, so stay tuned!

First off, let’s introduce the January 2024 calendar! Thank you all for participating in the calendar voting!

The memorable companion who will appear alongside the main character in the January 2024 calendar is…

It’s Merlina!

Merlina is a very important character who appears in the Wii title Sonic and the Black Knight. Since this character appeared only in this game title, some people might be a little surprised by their appearance here.

By the way, here’s how their first encounter went.

Just as Sonic was about to enjoy his favorite chili dog, a mysterious light enveloped his body.


With a thud, as Sonic landed, he found himself surrounded by some suspicious-looking monsters and a knight exuding an aura of significance, all surrounding a girl!

“I apologize for summoning you so suddenly. We’re from another world, and we need your help…!”

In response to the girl’s desperate plea, Sonic recalled his previous summoning to the world of Arabian Nights.

“Ah, I see. Leave it to me! I’m used to this kind of thing!”

Sonic and the Black Knight Opening Movie

It’s truly an isekai tale…!
Sonic, who finds himself accidentally transported to the world of the “Knights of the Round Table,” embarks on an adventure with the self-proclaimed gentleman companion (?!) Caliburn, at the request of the sorceress Merlina, to stop the ambitions of King Arthur.

Let’s take a look at this month’s calendar illustration!

In the artwork, we see the sorceress Merlina with a cheerful expression as she creates something, Sonic looking puzzled while holding a loaf of bread, and the sacred sword Caliburn watching them with an amused expression.

With a fantasy atmosphere and a mysterious tension, this illustration is quite intriguing…! Be sure to download it and enjoy!

Calendar Illustration “Tell us, Creators!” Submission Call!

Alright, we’re starting the 2024 Calendar Comedy with a fresh look, now called “Calendar Illustration: Tell us, Creators!” The basic rules are pretty much the same as last year’s “Isekai Ogiri Calendar.” We want everyone to be a “Situation Creator” and tell us what’s happening in the calendar illustration!

Here’s an example of what we’re looking for!

★ Example:
“Hey, Merlina! Did you just say ‘Chili Dog’?”

Let’s go, everyone! Show us your interpretations of “What’s going on in this situation”!

Starting this time, we’ll be featuring some of your creations on Sonic Channel! Plus, our favorite submissions will receive Sonic-themed goodies as a thank you. So, all you creators out there, be sure to participate!

We’re eagerly awaiting your submissions!

Submission Method

We will select the adopted works from the replies received from everyone in response to the X post, which is the subject of the “Tell us, Creators!” submissions.

Please post the “situation” you envision as a reply or a quoted post to this post. The selected posts will be published on the Sonic Channel page along with comments from the staff at a later date.

Submission Period: Until January 5, 2024, 23:59 JST

※ If submitted via X (formerly Twitter) hashtag, the submitter’s X account name will be displayed.
※ Please ensure that comments about the work fall within the character limit of X, including the title and hashtags.
※ Submissions via X hashtag, and for those whose works are published, the submitter will receive a DM with instructions for filling out the personal information form for novelty item delivery at a later date.

Please make sure to review the “Sonic Channel Submission Terms of Use.”

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