Sonic Superstars has has been out for almost a month, but that hasn’t stopped SEGA from promoting the game as new trailers for the game have been released since the game’s launch on October 17th.

The first one released was the accolades trailer, featuring the game’s review scores from different publications, check it out!

Sonic’s newest adventure on the Northstar Islands is here! See what critics are saying about the super fast, super fun…Sonic Superstars!

The second and third trailers are both “live action” trailers which include a mixture of real life footage with gameplay and feature the iconic SEGA scream at the end. The trailers heavily feature the co-op multiplayer aspect of Sonic Superstars.

Whether it’s family, a friend, or neighbor, everybody can join in on the fun in Sonic Superstars!

What do you do when the world tells you to stop running? Find out and run along with Sonic and friends in Sonic Superstars!

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