In our last community poll, we asked our readers what the best modern gameplay style for Sonic was, taking into account the controls, level design, visuals, and music. The choices were:

  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Sonic Forces
  • Sonic Lost World
  • Sonic Generations
  • Sonic Colors
  • Sonic Unleashed

The poll had a total of 201 votes, and the clear winner was the latest mainline entry in the franchise, Sonic Frontiers, with a total of 100 votes, taking up a staggering 50% of the total votes. Perhaps this comes as no surprise, as Sonic Frontiers gives more freedom of control, including sliders in the game’s options to fine-tune how Sonic handles to your liking. With the release of the game’s second free update, players now have even more control customization options and moves than ever before.

In second place was the fan favorite Sonic Unleashed, with its exhilarating, fast-paced daytime gameplay, garnering a total of 46 votes, accounting for 23% of the total votes. It seems that the game continues to resonate with many fans worldwide, as it not only offers fast, twitch reaction gameplay but also features visually appealing aesthetics and an impressive soundtrack that still hold up to this day.

Third place on the list was Sonic Generations with a total of 36 votes, representing 18% of the total votes, the game that celebrated Big Blue’s 20th anniversary (has it already been more than a decade??), using the daytime gameplay that was introduced in Unleashed with some tweaks and adding in classic Sonic to run through reimagined levels from past and more recent titles. The game still gets fan made content to this day, so it’s no wonder that the games places so high on the list.

The runners-up were Sonic Colors with 12 votes, Sonic Forces with 7 votes, and Sonic Lost World with… no votes at all… ouch. Sonic Colors and Forces represented 6% and 3% of the total votes, respectively.

Do you agree with these results? Let us know down below and look out for our next community poll: Who is your favorite Sonic voice actor?

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