To celebrate the launch of Sonic Frontiers on November 8, 2022, a collaborative campaign with Odakyu Electric Railway Co. will run from Thursday, October 20, 2022 to Tuesday, November 15, 2022!

By participating in the campaign, a total of 40 people will be selected in a draw to win a copy of Sonic Frontiers for the Nintendo Switch and a long sleeve T-shirt with a limited edition design featuring a new Sonic illustration and Odakyu Electric Railway’s limited express Romance Car.

The campaign can be entered through the “OP Card Ticket Benefit Service,” a limited service for OP credit card members of the Odakyu Point Card (OP Card), a card service for “accumulating and using” points in various scenes of daily life along Odakyu rail lines, including shopping, leisure, commuting, and school. You can enter through the “OP Card Ticket Benefit Service,” a service available only to OP credit card members.

If you are selected, you will only be charged a handling fee of 330 yen.

Prize A: Sonic Frontiers for Nintendo Switch – 10 winners

Prize B: Romance Car x Sonic the Hedgehog Original Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Free Size) -15 winners

Prize C: Romance Car x Sonic the Hedgehog Original Long Sleeve T-shirt (Kids’ size) – 15 winners

A collaborative campaign between Darts Live and Sonic Frontiers will also start on October 20th. Play Darts Live and get digital contents limited to the campaign period! Exclusive digital contents will be available as items that can be redeemed with miles.

Participate in missions and earn miles to get the limited time digital contents.

Picture theme which can be redeemed for 300 miles

Sources: Odakyu Card Official Website, Darts Live Official Website

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