Twitter user Mtbcooler has shared his gameplay footage from his Gamescom attendance, in it we get our first good look at the fishing minigame where our favorite tubby cat Big makes an appearance. He can be found by entering one of the many Cyber Space portals found all across the Starfall Islands. As soon as you enter the portal you’ll find Big having a relaxing time fishing and if you have enough purple coins with you, he’ll even invite you to pass the time and “de-tense” with him, what exactly are we fishing for though? Froggy? While it’s unclear if Big’s best friend will make an appearance, it seems we have to fish for different fish to get various rewards, namely Treasure Tokens and Gold Cards, that we can trade for other items that will help Sonic in his journey.

Get Treasure Tokens from Big by catching fish. Once Sonic has accumulated a good amount of tokens, head to “Trade Tokens” to trade them for items that will aid in his adventure.
A Gold Card is an item that can be exchanged for one of the items on the list.
Think carefully about which item will be the most useful.
Remember that cool close up shot of Sonic with lightning? It seems that it’s used in this minigame while Sonic is channeling all his concentration into his fishing.

Check out the full video bellow!

Mtbcooler also managed to record one of the stage’s songs, specifically, stage 1-2 which features vocals and is aesthetically based off of Sky Sanctuary. Have a listen bellow!

You can read the rest of Mtbcooler’s thoughts about his hands-on time with the game by reading the full twitter thread here.

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