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in: Corporate Shogakukan Shogakukan Inc. (株式会社小学館, Kabushiki-gaisha Shōgakukan) is a Japanese publisher renowned for its diverse array of media offerings, including dictionaries, literature, comics (manga), non-fiction, DVDs, and more. The…

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Sonic Team

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in: Corporate Sonic Team Not to be confused with . Sonic Team is a game developer owned by Sega, a Japanese video game company, operating within Sega's Sega CS Research and…

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Yuji Naka

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in: Corporate Yuji Naka Yuji Naka, formerly a video game designer, programmer, and producer, played a key role as the lead programmer in the creation of the original Sonic the…

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IDW Publishing

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in: Corporate IDW Publishing Established in 1999, IDW Publishing is an American comic book enterprise recognized by its abbreviation "Idea and Design Works." This company holds the publishing licenses for…

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Archie Comics

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in: Corporate Archie Comics Logo of Archie Comics. Archie Comic Publications, Inc., an American comic book publisher, played a significant role in the Sonic the Hedgehog series starting from 1993.…

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Jonathan Gray

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in: Corporate, Archie Comics Staff, IDW Publishing Staff Jonathan Gray Jonathan "Jon" H. Gray is an artist and curator of compilations. He was formerly associated with Archie Comics' Sonic the…

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in: Corporate SEGA Sega Corporation (SEGA) is a Japanese multinational company involved in video game software and hardware development, animation, and the manufacturing of home computers and video game consoles.…

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