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I wonder if everyone has settled into their new routines by now? Let’s deliver this with the boost gauge fully charged!

Appearing on the May 2024 calendar is a character actively involved in Sonic Superstars…


Fang the Hunter is a rogue jerboa.

Agile and cunning, he’s always scheming to outsmart his opponents.

In Sonic Superstars, he’s employed by Eggman and seems to be searching for hidden treasure on the Northstar Islands…

But his true goal is to slyly keep the treasure all to himself! It doesn’t look like he intends to share his findings with Sonic or Eggman!

And thanks to everyone who participated in the calendar character vote together!

The characters you could vote for are these four.

Now, the character chosen to appear on the calendar alongside Fang is…


A mysterious girl clad in heavy armor… Let me explain a little about her relationship with Fang!

Her debut title was in Sonic Super Stars, where she was a resident of Northstar Islands and was tasked by Fang and Eggman to guide them through the unexplored islands.

She especially teams up with Fang, assisting him in various ways, but… being clumsy and awkward, she often ends up making mistakes.

Despite being scolded many times, she continues to follow him without getting discouraged. Fang’s thoughts about watching her persistently follow him, despite everything… create a rather mysterious relationship, ripe for interesting situations!

So, without further ado, here is the illustration for this time!

Fang, astonished by an unexpected major discovery during exploration! And Trip, unable to resist looking, ends up removing her armor!

Pay attention to the different reactions of the two looking at the same thing!? Please download and enjoy it!

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