When the logo reveal for the third installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie series dropped, many were quick to point out the reference, in orchestral form, to “Live & Learn,” the main theme of Sonic Adventure 2, originally performed by Crush 40, a band well known by Sonic fans that wrote some of the most bombastic and memorable rock anthems in the series’ history like “Open Your Heart,” “What I’m Made of,” and “Knight of the Wind.”

Not long after, Johnny Gioeli, the band’s lead singer, also took to his Twitter account and pointed out the reference.

When we took to Twitter ourselves and asked Johnny if he or Crush 40 were involved in the movie’s soundtrack, he had no comment on the situation.

Seeing as the previous Sonic Movies had little to no Sonic music references from a franchise well known for its amazing music, instead opting to use licensed music or orchestral themes for their soundtrack, Sonic fans have been clamoring for proper representation of the franchise’s music legacy in the movies. With “Live & Learn” being such an iconic track for the series’ history, this would be the perfect time to bring the band’s music into the movie series.

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