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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is an animated Netflix show developed the Bryan Lee O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski. The series is based off the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels created and written by O’Malley that went on to have six volumes, a film adaptation and a video game!

While the show is not a one to one adaptation, it still retains much of the same writing style and humor that fans have come to expect from the series. The original comics were also no stranger to Sonic the Hedgehog references and the movie adaptation also sprinkled in some Sonic-related sound effects here and there.

One of the ongoing jokes in this adaptation of the story however, is that Scott is a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan and he gushes about him every chance he gets. We took the liberty of compiling every Sonic the Hedgehog reference from the show, but be warned, if you’re planning on watching the show for yourself, there are spoilers abound!

Check it out:


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is now available exclusively on Netflix! Are you a fan of Scott Pilgrim? Have you watched the show already? Sound off in the comments below! And make sure you’re subscribed to Sonic City for more Sonic the Hedgehog News and Updates!

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