SEGA has released the second episode of Sonic Superstars Speed Strats, a series providing players with tips and tricks to get the most out of their adventure on the Northstar Islands!

The Chaos Emeralds have powers!? Learn more about each one and how to wield them in Sonic Superstars: Speed Strats!

In the latest episode of Sonic Superstars Speed Strats, Sonic fans will learn tips and tricks for navigating Sonic Superstars’ Special Stages and the Emerald Powers that boost the characters’ abilities in the game:

  • Special Stages – In order to collect Chaos Emeralds and utilize Emerald Powers, players must enter a Special Stage by finding one of the giant golden rings that are spread across each Zone. Time is a limited resource in the Special Stages, so players must move quickly and effectively by swinging from the floating blue orbs and avoiding obstacles such as bombs and crystal walls on their quest for the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Emerald Powers – Once a Chaos Emerald is collected, players will unlock one of seven different abilities – Avatar, Bullet, Vision, Water, Ivy, Slow or Extra – depending on the color of the Emerald. Once players obtain all seven Chaos Emeralds and collect 50 rings, each character can use their Super form, giving them speed and invincibility to enemy attacks. While Emerald Powers can only be used once, previously activated ones can later be replenished at each Star Post.

Sonic Superstars is now available both digitally and physically on all major platforms!

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