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It’s been almost 15 years since Marza Animation Planet, the SEGA inhouse studio that’s most well known for their work on the Sonic Unleashed Opening CGI cutscenes and their contribution to the CGI in both live-action Sonic movies, released their much loved animated short, Sonic: Night of the Werehog. The short featured Sonic and Chip who find a seemingly abandoned house to take shelter from the bad weather, only to find out that the house is actually inhabited by three ghosts: Uh and Su, who scare the unlucky visitors who stumble upon and enter the house and take pictures of their reactions in order to entertain the third ghost Lah, for a chance at getting her affection.

Something spooky lurks in the shadows of this short film.

The same studio that brought us this short animation has released a new short today to celebrate Halloween! Titled, “Ghost Tale”, the short features Uh, Suh and Lah once again up to their antics. Check out the new animation and some screenshots below!

The MARZA Animation Planet original short movie “Ghost Tale” is here! 15 years after the release of “Sonic: Night of the Werehog,” the ghost are back!! We hope you enjoy the updated CGI and the story filled with laughter and tears (from laughing?!).

Happy Halloween from Sonic City! What do you think of the two shorts? Be sure to let us know down below, and make sure to subscribe to Sonic City for more Sonic News and Updates!

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