In celebration of Sonic Superstars’ release, SEGA is releasing an all-new series of “Speed Strats” videos for the new 2D, high-speed action platforming adventure, providing players with tips and tricks to get the most out of their adventure on the Northstar Islands.

Welcome to Sonic Superstars: Speed Strats! Here we’ll strategize the best way to dash through the mysterious Northstar Islands by exploring each of Sonic and friend’s unique abilities.

In the first episode of Sonic Superstars Speed Strats, Sonic fans will learn more about the game’s single player experience and playable characters:

  • Core Four – Players can step into the role of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy to experience the single player campaign a little bit differently every time. With each character harnessing unique abilities, such as Sonic’s Drop Dash and Tails’ power to fly, Knuckles’ gçiding ability, and Amy Rose’s Double Jump, fans can experience new aspects of each of the game’s Zones depending on who they choose.
  • Plus One More! – After completing Sonic Superstars’ Story Mode, a fifth character, Trip, is unlocked in her very own single player campaign called “Trip’s Story” – packed with even tougher enemies and obstacles!
  • Other Experiences to Enjoy – Single-players can test their skills in Time Attack Mode to get the fastest time possible in different Zones, Battle Mode to challenge friends and players around the world in a variety of mini-games, or in special Character Act stages which are designed uniquely for each of the four main heroes and their abilities.

Sonic Superstars is out now on all major platforms! Have you already played the game? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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