The animated prologue that was announced yesterday has been released! The short features Fang, Dr. Eggman, and the new character Trip on their journey through a mysterious and perilous temple, full of traps and new discoveries. What could the Doctor be up to this time?

Check out the full short below!

While escorting Dr. Eggman and his hapless new helper Trip through a perilous ruin, Fang the Hunter will need to muster all his cunning to overcome past mistakes and escape the coils of a fierce new enemy. Meanwhile, Eggman discovers what may be the key to his next dastardly scheme.

The animation was once again done by Powerhouse Animation, the studio that was also in charge of the Sonic Origins story mode cutscenes and the Sonic Frontiers prologue animation. Evan Stanley of IDW Sonic fame served as the director, with Tyson Hesse as the co-director. Ian Flynn was responsible for the writing, while Jun Senoue and his sound team provided the music. The background supervision and layout illustration were done by Megan Redlich, who also posted some art of Fang on her Twitter account.

An audio description version of the animation has also been released, which you can check out below!

What are your thoughts on the animation? For us, it just makes us wish that we had a show with this kind of animation style! But in the meantime, just stay locked to Sonic City for more Sonic Superstars News and Updates!

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