On August 23rd, a unique collaboration event transformed Saga Airport in Saga City, also known as Kyushu Saga International Airport, into “Kyushu SEGA International Airport” for a single day. This event was initiated by ANA’s flight attendant Hiroe Honda, who has been assisting the prefecture since July 2021 due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event featured Sonic the Hedgehog himself alongside Muppy, the airport’s mascot, who greeted passengers and engaged with families throughout the event.

Saga Prefecture Teams Up with SEGA and ANA for “SAGA Airport becomes SEGA Airport!” Event

The joint effort was organized by the prefecture, SEGA, and the ANA airline. Given the one-character distinction between “SAGA” and “SEGA,” a previous collaboration event between the prefecture and SEGA had taken place, which led to this creative collaboration.

On the event day, Sonic and Muppy bid farewell to ANA flights and distributed commemorative stickers promoting Sonic Superstars and the airport itself, within the airport premises. Families delighted in taking snapshots with the iconic characters, creating cherished memories. Honda-san shared her sentiments, stating, “Observing Sonic and Muppy interacting with children and fans made me realize that this initiative was a tremendous success.”

This event aimed to express gratitude to Saga Prefecture for its support during ANA’s challenging times amidst the pandemic. Honda-san’s secondment is set to conclude within the ongoing fiscal year, and she plans to return to her role as a cabin crew member. She expressed her aspiration, saying, “I am committed to passionately conveying the unique features and attractions of various destinations to our valued customers.”

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Source: Manichi, Asahi

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