The Sonic Hacking Contest is an annual event where fans of Sonic the Hedgehog showcase their creative mods, hacks, and fan games related to Sonic games. Participants submit their projects in various categories, and the community judges and recognizes the best entries. It’s a platform for Sonic enthusiasts to share their creative work and celebrate their passion for the franchise.

This year’s contest was originally scheduled to be judged from October 16th to the 22nd. However, with the recent announcement of Sonic Superstars’ release date, the contest has been rescheduled to take place from October 23rd to the 29th. Please take note of the updated dates below!

CONTEST SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Sunday 17th September

CONTEST UPDATES DEADLINE: End of Sunday 24th September

EXPO SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: End of Monday 1st October


CONTEST WEEK FROM: Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th October

The dates have been amended due to Sonic Superstars being released during the previously announced Contest Week (16th to 22nd Oct).

We know people will be playing this rather than focusing on SHC (including streamers), therefore we have decided to change the dates accordingly.

Note regarding Sonic Frontiers entries: We are aware that there is a new patch being released on 28th September. This could potentially cause issues with entries. We are willing to accept post update deadline fixes provided that nothing else has been changed other than what is required to make the mod work on the latest version. If this is not possible, entries can be withdrawn and submitted at another time, whether it is next year’s SHC or a specific Frontiers modding event hosted by SHC presented later on. We will provide further updates regarding this as soon as we know what the patch has changed.

For more information on the event and submissions, you can check out the official Sonic Hacking Contest website!

Source: Sonic Hacking Contest on Twitter

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