Sonic the hedgehog (SatAM) takes place in the 33rd century on the planet Mobius, where the evil Dr. Robotnik has taken over Mobotropolis with the help of his army of SWATbots and nephew Snively, and reshapes the city into his own image, Robotropolis. The city’s once proud king, Maximillian Acorn, has been exiled, by Robotnik, into a dimensional warp known as “The Void” and the city’s palace is now Robotnik’s new headquarters. Those who were unlucky to escape Robotropolis were roboticized, turning them into loyal robotic subjects of Robotnik. Those who were able to escape retreated toward the Great Forest and built a hidden village known as Knothole. It is here, a group of revolters known as the Freedom Fighters plan and launch their attacks to foil Robotnik’s schemes.

Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog

The main character, who is a playful smooth talker that’s able to run at supersonic speeds

Miles “Tails” Prower

The youngest member and least experienced of the Freedom Fighters, who is Sonic’s confidant

Princess Sally Acorn

The strategist and team leader of the Freedom Fighters, and Sonic’s love interest

Bunnie Rabbot

Saved by Sonic while halfway being roboticized, she is now the Freedom Fighters’ brawn

Antoine Depardieu

Sonic’s love rival, a royal guard of Mobius, and all around fall guy for the show

Rotor the Walrus

Knothole’s engineer and the technical know-it-all character of the show

A personal computer Sally uses to analyze and hack Robotnik’s machines

Sir Charles Hedgehog (Uncle Chuck)

Inventor of the roboticizer, power rings, and Sonic’s good-natured uncle

Dulcy the Dragon

A clumsy dragon who helps transport the Freedom Fighters to and from their destination


Oldest member of the Freedom Fighters


After SatAM aired, Ben Hurst revealed that the red eyes shown at the end of “The Doomsday Project” episode belonged to Naugus, a powerful sorcerer and mentor to Robotnik who was imprisoned in “The Void” during The Great War. The third season depicted Snively trying to regain control over Robotropolis, but failing miserably. As a last effort before losing the city completely, Snively would open the void to free Naugus, and as a result freeing both Robotnik and King Acorn. Naugus would then seize control and use the king as bait to lure Princess Sally into captivity. Robotnik would then dropdown to being Naugus’ lackey, while Snively would eventually fall even further down the corporate ladder. The third season would also bring Sonic and Tails’ relationship closer to that of the video games and the origins of both Robotnik and Snively. Unfortunately due to poor ratings and the new ABC president at the time, the show was cancelled.

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